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Welcome post!

Hey, welcome to my journal! :]

I'm also on tumblr @ lilybells.tumblr.com

MASSIVE chibi gif dump.

Hello! I am here to dump some gifs on you. :] The requests are ones that I've received on tumblr.

I'm sorry for not being around anymore. I hope this makes up for it, at least a little bit!

Requests: Arthur crying about his father's death, and Merlin comforting him./ Merlin cheering up a sad Arthur.

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Request: Arthur taking care of a sick Merlin.
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Doodle: Easter bunnies.
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Requests: Merlin and Gwen fighting over Arthur./ Something Gwencelot.

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Request: Bradley picking up Colin in his origami car.

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Two Saint Patrick's Day doodles.

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Doodle: Cathal from Parked. (Bonus Fred!Bradley)

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Request: Brolin singing.

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Request: Merlin trying to fix Arthur's donkey ears, but laughing too hard to be able to do anything.

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Request: Bradley protecting Colin from NTA interviewer./ Brolin NTA after-after party.

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Request: Merlin giving Arthur a love note.

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Doodle: Knight!Merlin from 'His Father's Son'.

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In other news, I sell chibi!series T-shirts now. So check those out, if you'd like!

Thank you!

Very big thank you to lilyginny27, capricornucopia, thisbirdsflown, wolfangeldeath, lamerezouille, kina54, tindu, and undrsomestai for the glass hearts! You guys are too sweet. :] <3

I hope I don't break them! ;]

Chibi!Series Valentines.

Just gonna leave some obnoxious blank space here so that they can align.

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Happy Valentines/singles awareness day!

2. Merlin as Ariel.

2. Merlin as Ariel.

“He don’t got a lot to say, but there’s something about him.

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Click for full sizes! :]

Pocahontas!Merlin Drawings.

Remember that one post a while back where I talked about wanting Merthur fic/art for all the disney movies out there? You probably don't.

But anyways, since there sadly hasn't been much of any of those things, I decided to take it into my own hands. After all, if you want something done, you've gotta do it yourself, right?

So I started this new series where I draw Merlin as disney princesses! Here's the first installment. Each installment will include one full view of Merlin as the princess (or not princess, in some cases), and one Merthur-ized scene from the movie.

1. Merlin as Pocahontas.
"I'd rather die tomorrow, than to have live a hundred years without knowing you."

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Hopefully I'm diligent with this series, 'cause I'm really excited about it. If you guys find me slacking, feel free to kick me in the shin and remind me to keep going!